The Calcium/Calcium range uses a unique lead/calcium alloy to produce a heavy duty wrought plate able to with stand the most arduous conditions. Suitable for the majority of Australian and European vehicles as well as many commercial, agricultural and earth moving applications. delkor-calcium-calciumLearn More
The Silver/Calcium range has the added benefit of using a lead/calcium/silver alloy that adds increased performance and durability, particularly in extreme applications or high temperatures. The Silver/Calcium is an excellent choice for car enthusiasts and prestige car owners. delkor-silverLearn More
The AGM range uses Absorbed Glass Mat separators which reduce internal resistance, increased performance, cyclic abilities and are able to accept higher re-charge rates. The AGM range are ideal for start/stop vehicles as well as for high end luxury vehicles that have a high electrical load. delkor-agmLearn More

      Why Choose Delkor?

      • Delkor use a GM-patented gas/liquid separator and have the lowest self-discharge rate, making it the most convenient, maintenance-free battery for consumer usage.
      • Delkor MF batteries contain calcium, tin and lead, making them highly resistant to corrosion, and last up to 3 times longer than the competition.
      • Quality control management is carried out in 2-hour intervals at Delkor. An exhaustive, 11-step quality control process, including work monitoring, charge/discharge testing, material testing and product testing, is used to eliminate the production of defective batteries.
      • Selected by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 1984 as the manufacturer of high-tech products, Delkor also received the ISO 9001 for business management in 1995, the ISO 14001 for environment-related issues in 1996 and the QS 9000 for good quality in 1997. Delkor continues to make tireless efforts for research and development and for improving service.
      • Delkor continuously strives for the development of new products, including batteries for taxis, car stereos, RVs and telecommunications. Pursuing the production of multi-faceted products, Delkor, in conjunction with GM is speeding up the development process for batteries designed for electric cars, a core technology for these machines of the near future.   Read more

      What Customers Say

      Here at Bockman Batteries Albury we have been using and selling Delkor batteries for almost 15 years and we will continue to do so in the future. When you have a diverse battery range of this quality and reliability in your shop you can sell them to your customers with complete confidence because you know that the battery you sell will not let you or your customer down. Our customer’s could not be happier with the life span of this great product and with the edition of silver calcium and the stop start AGM batteries the product range just gets bigger and better. Delkor is by far the best battery on the market today and here at Bockmans we are proud to be able to deliver it to the end user so If you want quality buy Delkor because it will not let you down.
      Dave McKenna, Bockman Batteries
      Distribution of the Delkor Product through the Maxiparts Business is a seamless function, A World class Battery competitively Priced which is embraced by the end user.
      Alan Bianchi, Maxiparts
      Active Batteries have been selling Delkor batteries now for over 6 years and we have had very good results and claims have slowed significantly.
      Allan & Donna Alamango, Active Batteries
      The Delkor Calcium Maintenance Free (MF) Battery range has been sold at A1 Batterypro Mackay since 1999. There have been other maintenance free battery brands being offered in the market for many years, but for 15 years I have not seen any that stand up to the harsh punishment like the Delkor Calcium MF Battery range do in applications such as 4WD’s, Trucks, Heavy Earthmoving or even the family car. The Delkor Calcium MF Battery range has over many years proven to be a very reliable, value for money product for various industries with these customers now requesting to buy Delkor Batteries only!
      James Heel, A1 Batterypro
      We have been using and selling Delkor batteries for over 10 years and are committed to the brand because of its quality.  Having previously sold other well known brands, we are confident about the superiority of the Delkor product and its leading edge in the battery market.
      Linda Shields, The Barn