R&J Batteries’ comprehensive range of DELKOR Maintenance-Free batteries is comprised of premium quality automotive starting/cranking batteries, available to suit all Australian, European, Asian and American vehicle applications.

The calcium-calcium sealed maintenance-free range uses a unique lead-calcium alloy to produce heavy duty wrought plates able to withstand the most arduous conditions.

Delkor’s silver-calcium range has the added benefit of using a lead-calcium-silver alloy that adds increased performance and durability, particularly in extreme applications or high temperatures.

The Delkor AGM range uses Absorbed Glass-Mat separators which reduce internal resistance for increased performance and durability. Featuring superior cranking power and higher reserve capacities combined with faster re-charge ability,  Delkor AGM batteries are ideal for all late model Stop-Start vehicles and high-end luxury European models. Delkor AGM batteries represent the ultimate in modern-day high-performance battery technology, are fully-sealed and will never leak or corrode under normal operating conditions.

Automotive Application Guide


Marine / Deep-Cycle

Combining world renowned technology and quality, the Delkor Marine range of maintenance free batteries off­ers the boating enthusiast a truly hassle-free battery for peace of mind. Being a dual purpose battery, you get the best of both worlds – strong, reliable starting power combined with deep-cycle ability to power all your accessory loads.
All Delkor Marine and Delkor Deep-Cycle batteries are truly maintenance-free and include unique benefits such as wrought grid technology that creates a stronger, more reliable plate, high strength impact-resistant polypropylene case and patented liquid/gas separator. Long life and excellent performance in extreme conditions are the hallmarks of the Delkor Marine & Deep-Cycle battery range.


Truck / Commercial

The heavy duty range of Delkor Commercial batteries are well-proven in all areas of heavy industry including trucking, public transport (bus), agricultural, mining and earth moving applications.   Fit Delkor Commercial batteries with confidence if reliability and longer service life is your objective.

  • Wrought lead calcium plates made from fine grade lead
  • Patented high density active material on plates
  • Built in hydrometer
  • Heat sealed leak proof cover
  • Exclusive patented liquid & gas seperators to prevent fluid loss
  • Flame arrestors on vents
  • Low resistance envelope seperators
  • Centre cast connectors
  • High strength polypropylene case



Lawn Mower

Delkor High-performance maintenance-free Mower batteries offer numerous advantages over conventional batteries, providing you the customer with better value for money.

  • Maintenance-free, fit and forget.
  • More cranking power for reliable starting in all weather extremes
  • Better charge retention – ideal for seasonal use
  • Corrosion-resistant inside and out – stays clean and lasts longer
  • Proven quality – Want the best? Demand DELKOR


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